Winter Reminds Homeowners of the Need for Roof Inspection

Roof Inspection

Most Texas homeowners have heard that scheduling an annual roof inspection is essential, but unfortunately, many do not put that knowledge into practice. During the Texas winter, when weather conditions are constantly throwing homeowners for a turn, the importance of regular inspections becomes especially clear. If you missed out on your fall inspection, we at MEIS Roofing recommend that you schedule one as soon as the weather clears up to check for the following issues.

Wintertime Roof Damage

People in Texas are not strangers to severe weather, which happens almost year-round, but winter can be an especially rough season for roofs. There are many problems that can develop:

  • The weight of snow or ice build-up can cause structural strain.
  • Standing puddles and heavy rain can lead to leaks.
  • Heavy wind or precipitation can damage shingles or tiles.
  • Cold temperatures may drive pests to seek a home in the roof.

Of course, even minor issues can cause leaks, which can lead to mold or structural damage. A roof inspection held just before winter would prepare your roof for these stresses, but one held afterward can catch any new problems while they are still manageable.

What to Look For

During a roof inspection, our Austin roofers look at your roof, chimneys, gutters, and the interior of the roof. We use advanced technology like thermal imaging to look for leaks, and we can recommend maintenance that will prevent further issues from cropping up. If you think that you notice any problems before the spring inspection season arrives, don’t hesitate to contact MEIS Roofing at 512-212-9882.