Stone-Coated Steel Roofs in Dallas

Stone-Coated Steel RoofRoofing is an endeavor that requires the experience and expertise of the professionals. Failure to actively seek a professional company almost ensures that failure of the project. Instead of taking a risk with your stone-coated steel roof dreams, contact the professionals at MEIS Roofing & Construction. These are just some of the reasons why you should do so.

A Variety of Options

Some companies tailor their services only to commercial constructions or to residents, but this group of professionals does both. Whether you want residential roofing or metal roofing for your business, the company is suited to handle the project. With experience in both fielders, the construction workers know exactly what it takes to properly complete the building or home.

Repair for Your Roof

Of course, this company does not only put up new roofs, but the team is there to help with your roofing problems as well. From detecting leaks to fixing them and other problems, MEIS Roofing & Construction is able to provide comprehensive services to keep the roof both looking sharp and functioning in a safe and sturdy manner. Without a professional eye, determining the exact problem can be challenging and dangerous.

A Safe Experience for All

Whether a new roof is being constructed or you’re having repairs done on an existing one, safety definitely comes into play. This Dallas roofer provides a two million dollar insurance policy for the workers, and workers’ compensation is also provided to them. This gives you peace of mind as the construction is occurring on your property or business.

Looking to the Future

Once the work is done, these professionals are not just going to file your information away never to be considered again. Instead, the company offers warranties on all of the products that they provide, so you don’t have to harbor that fear in your mind. You might also decide to look into some extended warranties. Ultimately, you can work to craft a plan that makes sense for you.

Struggling with roofing endeavors is difficult. Let the fear and anxiety fade away today by calling us at 866-211-1116.