Replacing or Repairing? How to Know What’s Best for Your Roof

roofing consultantsTrying to decide whether to repair or replace your roof? Here are some factors to take into consideration, to help you decide!

  1. Recent catastrophe:Did the damage occur as a result of something like a recent tornado or hurricane? If so, then you should definitely consider replacing the entire roof. Very often, there’s a level of damage beyond what you are easily able to see. Bigger problems can be lurking around the corner and it’s much better to be safe than sorry.
  2. Moisture:Look at your interior walls. Are there moisture marks or brown stains? Is the paint peeling? These can all be signs of roof leakage. If the leak is relatively small, then a short-term repair may be all you need for now. But if there is extensive moisture damage to the roofing layer, you should consider a full roof replacement.
  3. Missing or damaged shingles:There are many factors that could cause shingles to be curled, split, torn, or completely missing. If the damage is localized, then a simple repair may suffice. But if more than 30 percent of the entire roof is damaged, then a new roof may be a better answer.
  4. Age:How old is your roof? Is it past its expected lifespan? Do you even know what its expected lifespan is? It can vary greatly depending on what type of roofing material you have.

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