Preparing for Roof Work

Roofing ConstructionWhether it’s a small repair or a completely new roof being installed, there are some preparations that homeowners must take to get ready for roof work. Being prepared can help alleviate some of the stress that home repairs can wreak on the members of the family, including four legged companions. These tips from our residential roofing team at MEIS Roofing & Construction will help you prepare for any type of roof repair.

  • Secure your pets. Dogs might become scared and try to run away or hurt one of the roofers. Ask a neighbor, friend or family member to take the dog to their home for the day. If this isn’t possible, crate the dog in a location away from the area where the work will be done, such as the basement or a downstairs room.

  • Take down any items hanging on your walls. The construction could cause them to fall, shattering glass and ceramic items.

  • Keep vehicles and other items out of your driveway on the day of work. Our crews need access to the entire area around your home for safe removal of old roofing materials and installation of the new roof.

  • Do not cover or block outdoor electrical outlets. Our crew may need to use these during the repair or construction process.

  • If you have an outdoor pool, hot tub, or another water feature near your home, cover it up prior to the roof repairs. Dust or debris coming off the roof could damage these items.

  • Keep children indoors while the work is being done. We understand that children might be curious about the process, but we do not want them to come into harm’s way.

  • Cover fragile plants. Remove yard decorations such as gazing balls that are breakable.

Our Waco roofing company works with safety, efficiency and customer satisfaction in mind. By helping our customers prepare their property for roof work, we can ensure a safer roof construction experience. Call us at MEIS Roofing & Construction today at 866-211-1116 for roofing service.