Moisture Meter may Help with Roof Leak Detection

If you suspect water or moisture may be finding its way into your home due to a leaky roof, you will want to take precautions measures as soon as possible to avoid costly damages. Roof leak detection starts by identifying where the leak is occurring and how serious the leak has become. Once you know the source of the leak, our professional roofers here at MEIS Roofing can help you to get timely repairs and services to prevent further water damage and mildew build-up.

Initial Signs of Roof Damage

During the rainy season, Dallas and surrounding areas can see high amounts of regular rainfall. If you begin to see water on the interior walls of your home, mildew, or notice walls of your home have become soft or soggy, you will need to take measures to detect the seriousness of the water leakage. A simple but useful tool called a moisture meter can be used to measure the amount of moisture in any given room of your home.

What is a Moisture Meter?

Roof leak detection in Dallas can be helped by these handy meters. Because Texas is generally a dry state, you don’t have to worry much about skewed readings due to humidity. Use the meter after a rainstorm or when you smell a wet, mildew-like smell. High moisture readings on the meter may indicate missing shingles, or damaged roof materials which are allowing the water to seep through. Once you have detected a possible leak, contact our team of professional roofers at MEIS Roofing to get a more in-depth consultation about what measures should be taken to fix the damage. The number to reach us at is 866-211-1116.

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