Commercial Roofing Company Arlington, TX

Commercial Roofing Company Arlington, TXWhen your Arlington, TX commercial roof needs any kind of work, the Arlington commercial roofing contractors with MEIS Roofing & Construction are ready to take care of you. Our commercial roofing company provides a wide variety of services, and our experienced technicians will be committed to your complete satisfaction. Whether you have TPO, EPDM, BUR, metal, foam, coatings or any other kind of roof, we will work closely with you to create a personalized roofing solution that will meet your exact needs. We never take a “one size fits all” type of approach, because we know all of our customers have their own unique demands.

Arlington Flat & Low-Slope Roofing Services

At MEIS Roofing & Construction, our Arlington, TX commercial roofing contractors can handle unique jobs such as flat or low-slope roofs. This type of roofing system requires a different approach than steep slope systems, and we know exactly how to deal with yours. You may need a commercial roof replacement, repair, or just maintenance. If that is the case, you can rest assured that we will have the technology and tools needed to get the job done right the first time. We can recommend specs if you like or work with your exact specifications.

Commercial Industrial Roofing

Whether you require an entirely new roof installed for your business or simply need the new roof replaced, MEIS Roofing and Construction has worked for commercial entities longer than we can remember to provide for their needs. As a client-focused roofing company, we meet the unique demands of each and every business we service. Our expert roofing technicians analyze your entire structure and execute a plan to install a brand new, high-quality roof that will keep the weather away from what matters the most: your business.

Besides installing brand new roofs, we also perform expert maintenance and repairs when required. The need for repairs can come about from a variety of reasons, including storm damage, old age, or an accident at your business. Whatever the reason, we can be there in your time of need. You can trust the professional roofing team at MEIS Roofing. Past commercial clients have, and they were not disappointed.

Commercial Roofing Cost

The cost for commercial roofing installation can vary for a number of different factors, including the size of the roof itself and the material used. A recent study on roofing has revealed that a building with 10,000 square foot dimensions will cost around $42,000 for a new commercial roof. This translates to about $4.25 per square foot.

Unfortunately, many roofing companies want to take advantage of their clients. They tell their commercial customers that a roof may need to be replaced before it actually needs to be. This is true of almost 80% of roof work done across the nation, sadly. At MEIS Roofing, we do not believe in taking advantage of the people in our community. We work with each and every client as if they were our only client. You receive the care you require for the right price, and we’re fair about our pricing.

Other Arlington Commercial Roofing Services We Provide

Our commercial roofing company can take care of whatever type of job you need. Here are just a few of the services we offer:

  • Commercial Roof Leak Detection
  • Commercial Roof Brands
  • Commercial Roof Maintenance
  • Commercial Roof Types
  • Commercial Roof Replacement
  • Commercial Roof Repair

The Arlington commercial roofing contractors with MEIS Roofing & Construction want to make sure that you, your employees, and your customers are as comfortable and secure inside your facility as possible. To that end, our Arlington roofing contractors provide advanced leak detection services that can spot even the smallest leaks so that damage does not occur. If you suspect you have a leak, time is of the essence so that the risk of damage is reduced. If you need Arlington residential roofing services, we provide those as well.

Here are some of the other cities served by our commercial roofing company:

Is it better to replace a roof or simply add another layer?

In general, it is usually considered a better option to simply replace the entire roof instead of adding another layer of support on top of an already broken or decaying roof material. There is one main reason for this: when you lay down a second layer, you are unable to examine the under layer and perform necessary repairs when the time comes. If there is any damage that needs to be fixed or maintained, you completely block off all access to that entire layer by putting another over it.

A second layer of shingles, for example, will be more difficult to install correctly than brand new shingles. The upside to overlaying another layer, however – and the only upside, at that – is that customers save a little bit of money. It is better to make the investment in a new roof now.

How long will my roof repair or replacement take?

The duration of a roofing job will rely solely on the size and how complex the roof itself is. A small roof job can be completed in a single day or two. A large, commercial project, however, can take more than a week, in some cases, in order to complete it correctly and efficiently. Once started, a roofing job should not be interrupted for anything besides the weather, which can significantly slow down the work process. With weather, extreme temperatures or significant rain/sleet/snow can halt a roofing job in its tracks. The safety of our roofing technicians must be our first consideration during the job.

As the client, you will be advised of any changes to the roof completion schedule or whether work must halt for the time being. MEIS Roofing and Construction is incredibly upfront about everything with our clients. Never worry about being left in the dark.

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